About Us

White Swan is a registered charity with a mission to improve the health of society – helping prevent illness and accelerate the path to wellness, by leveraging proprietary technology and leading edge data science capability to create tools and insights which help improve our holistic understanding of how we can help ourselves.

It was founded in 2015 by the people of Black Swan Data Ltd. In 2015, Julie King (sister to Steve King – Founder and CEO of Black Swan Data Ltd) was wheel-chair bound and in danger of losing her life. For 8 years she had been suffering with an undiagnosed condition and her family was told to prepare for the worst. Steve didn’t want to accept this prognosis and so he and his team decided to utilise Black Swan’s technology and expertise to help clinicians diagnose his sister, with a rare form of Parkinson’s. She’s now receiving treatment and is able to lead a normal life with her family.

This inspired the people of Black Swan to set-up White Swan as a not-for-profit offshoot to help people get and stay healthy, and in January 2018 White Swan became an independent registered charity (number 1176486).

At White Swan we believe that the lifestyle choices we make – the environments we live in, how we spend our time, our levels of activity, what we eat and when – have a fundamental impact on our health, in addition to medical intervention. So by understanding our health more holistically through our tools and insights we believe we can not only help ourselves but also help those who can help us and help others in the process.

We are now automating the process that Steve used to help Julie, so that we can help all sufferers of undiagnosed symptoms help themselves and their doctors help them to find a diagnosis, through our Million Minds initiative. We also continue to work across a huge variety of areas including mental health, dementia, arthritis and Parkinson’s as well as rarer conditions.  For more information on Million Minds please click here

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